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Don’t believe everything you think.

It was written on a bumper sticker and hanging in my ex-therapist’s office.  And I remind myself of it every single day.  If my day is filled with dark thoughts, I remind myself as often as I can.  I’m tempted … Continue reading

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Feelings, thoughts, and emotions

I think a lot of `our problems’ are because language is so…well, problematic.  Writing this blog, I’ve been noticing that I’m using the phrase, ‘I’m feeling like…and then following it with a thought’ – and I’m implying there’s a connection … Continue reading

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Knives, and thoughts can’t hurt you

Knives scare the crap out of me.  I don’t like having them around, or even seeing them out.  Especially sharp ones. Most people who are in dbt have experienced quite a bit of horrendous suicidal ideation.  Some people have actually … Continue reading

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